Your trusted partner for quality esoteric lab testing and diagnostic guidance

Quest esoteric laboratories provide cutting-edge research and development of new assays as well as refinement of existing diagnostic tests to produce tools with sensitivity, specificity, efficiency, and clinical value.

Quest Diagnostics® offers the industry’s most comprehensive menu of esoteric lab tests.

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Esoteric lab offerings

From just one partner with four convenient esoteric testing locations—Athena and three Nichols Institute centers—you have the convenience of access to more than 1,500 test options, routine and esoteric, across all fields of medicine. Plus more than 650 on-staff pathologists, technicians, and medical and scientific directors, as well as a renowned Academic Associates program that enables thought leaders to work closely with Quest to foster innovations.
Esoteric, indeed.

  • The Nichols Institute

    Since 1971, the Nichols Institute has served as a full-service clinical reference laboratory with a broad esoteric test menu and a deep expertise in a range of subspecialties, including cancer, endocrinology, genetics/personalized medicine, infectious diseases, and more.

    The Nichols Institute is founded on the principles of continuous innovation, high-quality services, and collaboration with leading academic institutions and government agencies. Comprised of three state-of-the-art facilities, the Nichols Institute partners with hospitals and commercial laboratories to support community-based medicine, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce the cost of care.

  • Athena Diagnostics

    Athena Diagnostics provides a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio and a test menu including more than 400 assays for the diagnosis of neurological, endocrine, and renal conditions.

    Athena is a leader in genetic testing for Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, and other neuromuscular and developmental disorders and was the first laboratory company to offer a clinically-validated genetic test for the diagnosis of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

  • Cutting-edge technologies

    Quest Diagnostics stays ahead of the curve by staying committed to advancing diagnostic technology.

    Notable innovation can be seen via our specialized testing offerings in gene sequencing and mass spectrometry.