HCP Connectivity & Continuity of Care

Connect and share information with over 420,000 physicians

Provide the continuity of care that patients need with the services that are designed to help create a seamless health system. Our “connective” services help providers to share information and remind patients to complete vital tests so organizations can ultimately utilize resources more cost-effectively.

Stay connected to the clinicians and patients in your community.

Learn how Quest Diagnostics® solution offerings can help you make stronger connections

Care 360® is our “connective” service that help organizations reach their strategic milestones.

  • Care360® Clinical & Financial Solutions: Connecting over 420,000 physicians worldwide

    Care360 is a powerful electronic health record platform with a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution and robust patient engagement tools. This platform connects healthcare organizations, community physicians, and patients to improve access to information and insights. These connections result in better, more cost-efficient clinical results.