Quest Lab Stewardship: Gain visibility into test utilization patterns

Quest Lab Stewardship offers self-service access to dashboard visualizations of order volume and spend data, which can illustrate trends to help reveal potential problems and opportunities for improvement.

Lab Utilization

Utilization Details, Utilization Spend reports, and Spectrum Analytics are all designed to provide actionable information when and how you need it. These thorough reports and medical consultation services can help the organization identify improvement opportunities, promote clinically-appropriate test selection, and track ongoing metrics to monitor progress for more uniform and cost-efficient care.

  • Analyze utilization patterns with Utilization Details

    Access on-demand information that helps you fine-tune laboratory test utilization.

    The learnings from these analyses support evidence-based ordering so physicians have the opportunity to deliver more timely and accurate diagnoses at less cost.

  • Analyze costs with Utilization Spend reports

    Anytime access to self-service, customizable reports to analyze utilization costs.

    Report customization allows date range changes and the addition of CPT® Codes and billing amounts. Plus, you can export reports into a review format you prefer: PDF or Excel.

  • Leverage our medical expertise with Spectrum Analytics

    With Spectrum Analytics, you can electronically request a medical consultation to review the analysis of your testing patterns and compare against utilization benchmarks by time, gender, age, and geographic site.

    Our expert Medical Directors prepare and present their findings and recommendations to your team and help you set a course of action.