Drive healthy outcomes with stronger patient engagement

As healthcare costs continue to soar, the role of the empowered, engaged patient becomes more critical than ever before. When patients are informed, motivated, and actively contributing to their own care, their health is drastically improved.

To assist in your patient engagement activities, we offer tools and services that can be seamlessly integrated in your patient engagement process. These offerings are designed to:

  • Communicate the value of patient engagement
  • Provide patient education resources
  • Simplify every step of the way for the patient and providers

Patient engagement is fundamental to achieving the "triple aim:"

patient_engagement-01.png#asset:452Improve patient experience
Increasingly, reimbursement models for health care organizations and healthcare providers (HCP's), including The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, link patient experience metrics to reimbursement.
patient_engagement-02.png#asset:454Advance population health
Health systems and HCP's must meet new industry standards that emphasize outcomes instead of services delivered and support meeting quality metrics, such as HEDIS and STAR scores.
patient_engagement-03.png#asset:456Reduce costs
Focusing on patient engagement can improve patient adherence to treatment recommendations, thereby enhancing efficiency, reducing overall costs of patient care, and improving patient retention.

Reap the benefits of patient engagement with Quest Diagnostics® solutions

The more patients know, the more engaged they can be, which means better outcomes for patients and for health systems. Help keep patients in the know with our robust offering of tools and services.

  • MyQuest™ by Care360®

    With MyQuest by Care360, patients can now share vital health information with providers at the touch of a button. Available both as a mobile application and a desktop patient portal, MyQuest by Care360 helps patients stay informed by allowing them to access health information and lab results online.

    This online tool helps facilitate:

    1. Fast access to answers
    2. Access to medical history, as well as prescribed medications
    3. Sharing of medical history and/or prescribed medications with healthcare providers
    4. Convenient scheduling of lab appointments

    Visit the website your patients will use to access and securely share their information:

  • Patient service programs

    We offer patient service programs such as Blueprint for Wellness® and 4MyHeart®:

    • Blueprint for Wellness is a program designed to help employees improve their understanding of their health and well-being
    • 4MyHeart is a patient-centric, personalized support program designed to help heart patients improve and maintain their health. Working directly with clinicians, patients can develop a custom plan based on their genetics, lifestyle, and health history.
  • Patient education materials

    Action requires motivation. And motivation starts with education.

    We support you with patient educational materials available through:

    • Our website
    • Printed brochures accessible from a doctor’s office
    • Health screening at health fairs in communities across the country

    In addition to patient education, Quest supports physicians in an effort to provide the most up-to-date educational information, regarding both testing and medical conditions, which can be shared with patients to keep them engaged.

  • Marketing and communication materials

    Collaborate with us to drive patient engagement. We help you communicate with patients in your health system.

    We offer disease-specific information, educational materials, and tools that help make it easier for patients to engage in their healthcare.

  • In-home clinical risk assessments for health plan members

    MediCheck™ is a dedicated data collection system for health plans to help control the health risk assessment process.

    MediCheck connects the data from each stage of the health risk assessment and produces a complete report for the member, primary care provider, and health plan. Personalized lab reports and a preventive plan are delivered to members in-home with one-on-one coaching by our nurse practitioners.