Don’t let your organization fall behind with outdated information

Stay up to date with timely information on health conditions, trends, and continuing education.

Education offerings

Health Trends Reports™ and support for continuing education help professionals stay informed.

  • Health Trends Reports™

    Our Quest Diagnostics Health Trends Reports™ offer disease and wellness insights to inform professionals, policymakers, and patients.

    They provide important and timely information on health conditions affecting a large number of Americans.

    Published in peer-reviewed journals, at scientific conferences, and widely as a public service, the reports inform healthcare professionals, patients, and policymakers about the status of the nation’s health.

    Our reports track allergies, diabetes, heart health, women’s health, prescription drug misuse, and more.

  • Education center

    Employ our education center to support continuing medical education for your clinical staff.

    Our education center offers a plethora of opportunities for HCPs to learn, including:

    • Webinars catering to 27 different healthcare specialties
    • Our "Expert Insight Newsletters" focusing on topics across a broad spectrum of medical categories
    • CME learning opportunities via the accredited providers
    • Conference presentations
    • Noteworthy publications authored or co-authored by Quest Diagnostics staff

    To take advantage of these offerings visit us at